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“Broken Wrestler” by Michael John Hunter

March 26, 2020
1 min read

London based artist Michael John Hunter just finished spectacular piece entitled “Broken Wrestler”. The sculpture is based on his old scuffed up toy WWE action figure.  “As you can see the toy the sculpture is based on has a lot of wear and tear. These elements are then replicated in a larger scale for the final piece.” Michael said.

To date, his objects have included a bluebottle fly, a toy robot, a Barbie doll, and a toy paper airplane. Once created, the artist spends much time scouring for the perfect real-life location to photograph the work, which essentially needs to supply lighting and a climbable height for the perfect shot. His images could – at first glance – appear to be normal objects in model environments, but if you look closely and they are in fact enormous sculptures in real-life locations.

Take a look below for more close up and behind the scene photos of the sculpture.

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