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” Singularity” by Aches

May 14, 2020
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Having been stuck indoors for the past 7 weeks with no possibilities of painting any murals Dublin artist Aches decided to create a large piece on canvas. The piece communicates the negative affect technology has on humans as a society. A chromatic aberration is used to distort a skull, the skull represents (the death of) humanity and the chromatic aberration is seen a glitch to this.

Although mobile phones can be a great tool for communicating with people across the world, people can become lost in it and become a slave to their phone.I noticed myself getting very comfortable just sitting on the couch, scrolling on my phone instead of doing anything productive. I use my phone to communicate to people far away, but at the same time it distracts me from communicating with people who are close by. I think this affects everyone, last night I walked to the shop and saw a woman crossing the road with her child who must have been only 2 years old, the kid ran out in front of a car while the mother walked slowly behind scrolling on her phone, its crazy how much attention it can steal from people.It worries me to see how this will progress in the future. Of course there will also be a lot of positives but hopefully they aren’t outweighed by the negatives. –Aches

Aches most popular work includes the mural of Savita and his “glitch” and RGB tagging. His portraits have a digital feel to them that makes them unique. Hailing from Dublin, he has been creating art since the age of 15 and has worked in countries such as Denmark, Hungary, Spain, Sweden, USA, Scotland, Austria, Switzerland and England.

Take a look at the timelapse video below.

” Singularity” by Aches

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