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“Swim Dreams” Installation by Marina Zumi in Hameenlinna, Finland

May 5, 2020
1 min read
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Marina Zumi transforms space into light magic with “Swim Dreams” at Upeart Fest in Hameenlinna, Finland. Swim Dreams is an expansion on some of the beautiful and serene light installation Zumi has been working on in recent years. The line “Holy the supernatural extra brilliant intelligent kindness if the soul,” was from a peom by Allen Ginsberg which is entitled “Howl”.

Argentinian-born, Berlin-based installation and mural aritst, Marina Zumi believes in natural wisdom, interconnectivity and the power of colour. Her favorite places are the streets and big walls, which she is re-visiting and transforming into colourful paintings. Through depictions of geometry and symmetry, she emphasizes the importance of an equilibrium.  Her works are placed in moments of absence of light, just after the twilight, where the real magic happens.

Check out below for more photos of Swim Dreams.

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