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“GATES” Light Installation by Marina Zumi in Ostend, Belgium

January 4, 2021
2 min read
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“GATES” is the latest site specific light installation by Argentinian native and Berlin based artist Marina Zumi. This geometric sculptural path, was presented in Oostende, Belgium for The Crystal Ship by Night, curated by All About Things, a local initiative that brought public art installations to be enjoy from the afternoon till night before the curfew in an ephemeral way.

Gates, is a subtle link to the ‘Pass Throw’ feeling so much need it in this actual times, from a positive abstract perspective. The artist brings an interactive installation where the public have a 1min calm walk, through a 50-meter long light path, composed by 11 white/silver pentagons pulsing softly, in a calm ‘light heart beat’, transmitting harmony and a positive overcome glimpse.

Marina believes in natural wisdom, interconnectivity and the power of colour. Her favorite places are the streets and big walls, which she is re-visiting and transforming into colourful paintings. Through depictions of geometry and symmetry – the recognizable method of her creations – Marina emphasizes the importance of an equilibrium.

Zumi combines idealized versions of animals, vegetation and nocturnal scenes for the creation of her very own natural bio-luminescent landscapes, with which Zumi aims to provide oases of serenity among the crowded and noisy city streets.

Check out below for more images of the installation.

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