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Urban artists join forces, creating virtual masks to bring color to our world

May 5, 2020
2 min read
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Art and culture can inspire people to create a more equal society and a more balanced world. Driven by this belief, Okuda San Miguel and his Ink and Movement team have launched Colouring the World, an initiative based on acts of solidarity to support the Spanish Red Cross in these challenging times.

Cut-out face masks that can be colored in by kids, making available the “Equilibri” documentary on Okuda’s piece for the Valencia Fallas festival in 2018 on the Filmin platform, with the proceeds donated to the Red Cross response campaign, the “Coloring Cantabria” drawing competition, the launch of a face mask filter on Instagram… and now Okuda is inviting different urban artists to create their own virtual mask.

3ttman, Grip Face, Martí Sawe, Nano4814, Nuria Mora, Remed, Sixe Paredes, Spok Brillor and Suso33 have all joined the initiative to raise awareness of a form of protection that is becoming fundamental. For many of the artists, wearing a mask is already an essential part of their day-to-day work to help protect them from paint fumes. Now they’re publishing their designs on Instagram, using creativity to highlight the importance of wearing a mask in these difficult times and inviting their followers to make a donation to the #cruzrojaresponde campaign.

Yet another way to bring color to our world in these unprecedented times. Scroll down to see more of the colourful masks the artists designed.

Mask by Sixe Paredes

Mask by Spok Brillor

Mask by Okuda

Mask by Suso33

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