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Hiroyasu Tsuri aka Twoone – RAW MARK MAKING

October 15, 2020
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RAW MARK MAKING – Hiroyasu Tsuri (b. 1983)

Hiroyasu Tsuri aka Twoone – RAW MARK MAKING

“Raw Mark Making is quite a simple idea. It’s literally the meaning of the words. Mark making. In my context, it is making marks that are not commonly used in traditional art practice. Unusual movements, using any kind of tools, embracing a mood or attitude, mixed with the physical speed or controlling the level of impact on to the surface… that’s what I call raw mark making.”

– Hiroyasu Tsuri

Since pre-historic times it has been an instinctual human behaviour to make marks. Whether an individual or a group of people, mark making has been a constant outlet for human beings to leave behind a record of their existence and experiences. Hiroyasu Tsuri (TWOONE) is driven by this same innate behaviour. Tsuri creates marks with a childlike freedom of expression, open mindedness and this instinctual human desire to leave behind a legacy of visual depictions of the his interpretations of the human experience. Tsuri calls this ‘Raw Mark Making’.

The concept of ‘Raw Mark Making’ is the culmination of a decade of experience taking every opportunity to paint marks whenever and wherever Tsuri finds himself around the world. This experience began in the early 2000’s, studying composition and mark making techniques with graffiti writers in Melbourne Australia. In 2014 Tsuri relocated to Berlin Germany and it was this move that sparked a philosophical desire to survey his practise over the last decade and acknowledge and consider the concepts, motivations and ideas behind why he creates marks, and why he chooses to do so in his distinct manner.

Since 2012 Tsuri has exhibited four unique solo exhibitions with Backwoods Gallery – SevenSamurai (2012), Outsiders (2014), 100 Faces (2016) and Object (2018). Raw Mark Making (2020) celebrates Tsuri’s history, and development of, the different kinds of ‘Mark Making’ that have been exhibited in these exhibitions and that have become pivotal to first decade of his oeuvre. The selected works represents the different stages of discovery of Tsuri’s own unique expression of, and place within, the human history of ‘Raw Mark Making’.


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