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“Nûdem Durak” by Mahn Kloix in Marseille, France

July 23, 2020
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French painter Mahn Kloix just finished a new fresco in the streets of Marseille. The fresco was made as tribute to Nûdem Durak, a Kurdish woman imprisoned for singing in Turkey. The artist shared this artwork together with a quote from Pınar Selek, a Turkish sociologist exiled in France during an interview by les Inrockuptibles:

“They wanted to make an example with Nûdem, because music is very important in the resistance in Turkey: when the police arrive, the demonstrators sing and dance. They chose her because she sang in protests and became very famous – and she is a free woman, who speaks”.

Mahn Kloix originally began painting in urban spaces in New York City. Heavily influenced by the street art scene, Kloix’s contemporary fluid and free figuration is also expressed on canvas and paper. He pays tribute to young protesters in Istanbul, Tunisia, and Athens by conveying their similarities in his works. Their portraits are a leitmotif to highlight human and environmental struggles.

Take a look below to see more photos of the fresco.

Images taken by @fabio_calmettes

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