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Floor murals by Hell’o and Oli-B in Belgium

August 13, 2020
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Belgian artists Hell’o and Oli-B have made two new art pieces in Brussels and Hasselt, Belgium.

Hell’o have painted a basketball court in Hasselt, Belgium, during the Summer Carnival curated by Alley Gallery and Street Art Festival Hasselt. Hell’o Collective is the brainchild of Jerôme Meynen and Antoine Detaille. The two Belgian artists came up writing graffiti and turning more and more into contemporary art, exhibit in galleries and museums. Their compositions evoke a oneiric and surrealist universe, mysterious and disturbing, through subjects such as cruelty, optimism, failure, hope and death.

On the other hand, Oli-B was commissioned by Belgian transportations company STIB to paint a part of the street that’ll become a new subway station in a few years. “While Stalingrad avenue opens at its heart to accommodate work on metro 3, I have created a work there that reveals what I imagine beneath the surface” the artist explained.

Oli-B, he’s a belgian artist whose work goes from acrylic, spray paint as well as digital or screen printing techniques on a wide variety of surfaces, including canvas, paper, wood, walls or even 3D volumes. Oli-B’s flow operates on various fronts. Visually, it is fluidity that predominates, colours that are emphatic but balance each other; and a composition that binds everything together.

Scroll down below to view more images of Hell’o’s and Oli-B’s projects.

Photo Credits: Jules Cesure

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