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Mural by Rimon Guimarães in Brussels, Belgium

August 25, 2022
1 min read
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Street artist Rimon Guimarães was invited to come back and share his process of making a new graffiti at Tictac’s courtyard during the week long event of  the art center’s 4th Anniversary in Brussels,Belgium

Brazilian multi-disciplinary artist Rimon Guimarães is best known for his brightly coloured mural work.

With his art in public space Rimon wants to take people away from their monotonous daily routines and provoke them to see the street as a place where they can exchange real-life experiences instead of seeing it only as a means of travelling from one place to another.

Anthropology and African art play a major role in Guimarães’ work  and the theme of the  African diaspora feature prominently, reflecting the cultural mix both in his native Brazil as well as around world.

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