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“EU-TOPIA” by Etnik in Imola, Italy

September 20, 2020
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Urban artist Etnik recently worked on a new wall for Restart Urban festival in Imola, Spain. The mural entitled EU-TOPIA represents a mix among Etnik big open architecture shapes and an internal machinery which represents the floating beating heart of the city. It is a collaboration between Etnik and Diste, a young artist based in Turin.
Etnik is considered as one of the most active and accomplished urban artist in Italy. Etnik emerged as a graffiti-slinging street artist in the vibrant early ’90s, before integrating all facets of his into a versatile practices of canvas, sculpture, installations, and massive mural work into a holistic approach. He has experienced and assimilated the transition to post-graffiti and Street Art. From 2001 his style started to evolve into geometrical and architectural forms with letterings and a mixture of urban landscapes.
Scroll down below for more images of the artwork.

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