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“Catanzaro ColorFul 2020” by Massimo Sirelli in Italy

October 12, 2020
2 min read
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Italian artist Massimo Sirelli recently finished with his project “Catanzaro Colorful”. It is located on the breakwaters of the port of Catanzaro – this project aims to transform one of the most characteristic points of the city into a new “wing” of a large open-air museum.

As Sirelli illustrated the details of the work, it took over 300 liters of ecological paint used, more than 100 repainted concrete blocks, 50 hours of work in three days, 5 busy people plus many volunteers who took turns every day.

I wanted to take up an idea – explained the artist – already created a few years ago for the “Elsewhere” festival, imagining a group of Lego bricks thrown on the sea of ​​Catanzaro. The result, which I think immediately strikes the gaze of a citizen or a tourist, has also gone beyond my wildest expectations: photos and videos on social media, with the Catanzaro tag, have been thousands since the days we started to create Colorful.

Adults, children, teenagers – continued Sirelli – all appreciated the visual impact of the work, confirming what I wanted, namely that it is an easy to understand tool that helps to enrich the natural and architectural context of the city.

Contemporary artist Massimo Sirelli was born in Catanzaro. He first approached the visual arts through graffiti and street art during his youth. His steadfast passion helped him gain his own “anonymous” notoriety in this field, this is confirmed by many world-wide publications and interviews.

Check out below for more images of the prismatic installation.

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