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“CHANGE” a short film by Doug Gillen

January 19, 2021
1 min read

CHANGE is a short film documenting the work of the “Void Projects” art collective in Ferizaj, Kosovo. Set against the backdrop of a global pandemic, the film follows 10 international artists reflecting onthe history of acountry healing from war. In collaboration with the local community, this new generation of creatives discover the human stories of Ferizaj.

Artist: Emilio Cerezo

Art in the city becomes a visual celebration of connectedness at a time of shared distance.

Artists: Axel Void x Helen Bur

CHANGE is created by Doug Gillen, a UK based film-maker exploring the intersection of culture, activism and social change. The film is produced by Fifth Wall TV in collaboration with the Kosovo Mural Festival and Void Projects, an international artist led collective.

Gillen is a Scottish born, London-based, videographer and vlogger. He is the founder of Fifth Wall TV, a video based platform providing content for the art world.  Over the years, Fifth Wall TV has worked in partnership with magazines, festivals, charities and galleries, providing dynamic and engaging video content, connecting people around the world with the heart of the scene like never before.

Check out below for more photos of the project.

Artists: Axel Void, Zane Prater, & Helen Bur

Artists: Axel Void x Helen Bur

Artist: Emilio Cerezo

Artist: Vlada Trocka

Artist: Michael Beitz

Artists: Aruallan x Axel-Void

Artist: Ampparito

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