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New “Artiste” Deck by Shepard Fairey OBEY x UNO Collaboration

July 29, 2021
3 min read
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Today, UNO #1 card game in the world is announcing its latest collab with contemporary artist, activist and illustrator Shepard Fairey for the release of an all new UNO deck made with sustainable materials: UNO Artiste Series: Shepard Fairey.

The deck is designed hand-in-hand with UNO at Shepard’s LA studio (Studio Number One), the UNO Artiste Series: Shepard Fairey deck features new, original environmentally-themed art in Shepard’s iconic graphic style.

The will deck will be available exclusively on Mattel Creations on Friday, July 30 at 12pm ET, 9am PT. SRP: $20.00

UNO Artiste Series: Shepard Fairey features new, original environmentally-themed art in Shepard’s iconic graphic style and design elements including:

    • A consistent illustration style and limited color palette, mirroring Fairey’s signature style that fans have come to love.
    • In keeping with Fairey’s fascination with repetition in his own art, the deck includes the phrases “Card Game” and “Artiste Series” repeated on the front of the package.
    • Shepard Fairey’s wife, Amanda Fairey, is prominently featured in the deck.
    • Four special two-sided cards that create two different art pieces when put together.

The UNO Artiste Series deck is made with sustainable materials, including recyclable cards, a paper belly band around the cards, wood-free paper for the instruction sheet and all cellophane wrapping removed

As a paper-based product, UNO has always been committed to creating a low-waste and reusable card game for all people to enjoy. This deck follows the launch of UNO Nothin’ But Paper, the first fully recyclable UNO deck without cellophane packing materials, part of UNO’s plan to remove the cellophane from from 100% of standard, paper-based decks entirely in 2021 and Mattel’s goal to achieve 100% recycled, recyclable or bio-based plastic materials across all products and packaging by 2030.

To take the partnership to the next level, Mattel is also making a donation on behalf of Shepard to Ocean Conservancy, a nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting the oceans through federal and state legislation, in support of his initiatives.

The new deck is the latest release in the “UNO Artiste Series,” which launched in 2019 and pays homage to influential artists across meaningful decades by infusing art directly into a premium deck (previous artists featured in the series include Jean-Michel Basquiat, Keith Haring and Nina Chanel Abney).

Scroll down below for more photos of Shepard Fairey’s latest collaboration.

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