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“Let Me Be Myself” by Kobra in Amsterdam

October 5, 2016
1 min read
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Brazilian street artist Edoardo Kobra just wrapped up a large new piece entitled “Let Me Be Myself” somewhere on the streets of Amsterdam in Netherlands.

Using his signature kaleidoscope-like style, Kobra worked several days to create this huge and beautiful portrait of Anna Frank, a German-born diarist and writer. Anna Frank was one of the most discussed Jewish victims of the Holocaust and she gained fame posthumously following the publication of her diary, “The Diary Of A Young Girl”.

Take a look below for a few more images and keep checking back with us for the latest updates from Europe.

29821651010_997db7dcca_k-copy 14495453_1299717390040089_430404281571454940_nTop image by Wolfgang Josten

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