James Bullough in Sweden for Artscape Festival

James Bullough just sent us some images from his newest artwork which was recently completed in Sweden for the always excellent Artscape Festival. The piece is inspired by the Celtic Fairytale of Niamh Chinn Óir, the fairy queen of the magical land across the sea. Known for her beautiful golden hair and white horse the

Coverage – Beyond The Streets NYC, Williamsburg Brooklyn

Beyond The Streets NYC is a wet dream for any street art fan, or art enthusiast in general.  The sheer magnitude of this exhibition is just incredible.  Over a hundred and fifty of the greatest graffiti and street artist who have ever blessed this earth all together presented on two floors, spanning an entire city

Andrew Hem “Fragmentz” Solo Exhibition @ Paris’ Galerie Openspace

Since the creation of Galerie Openspace in 2012, Nicolas Chenus and Samantha Longhi have set for mission to showcase talented international artists little known in France. Today, for the very first time in France, they present the work of a Cambodian American artist coming from an illustration back- ground and the Californian skate culture. The

“Celsius” by Nevercrew in Lugano (Switzerland)

If it is not obvious at all to have certainties in life, what is certain is that every time the Nevercrew leave a mark of their passage, we remain struck by their skill. This time we talk about Celsius, the latest work made by the Swiss duo at Spazio Morel in Lugano. The painting proposes

Coverage – The Governors Ball Music Festival – The Mural Project 2019, Randall’s Island, NYC

NYC’s premier music festival The Governors Ball rocked the house again with an all-star music line-up including Florence + The Machine, Tyler, The Creator, NAS. Major Lazer, The 1975, Lil Wayne, Brockhampton, and many, many more.  Additionally, The Governors Ball Mural Project organized by festival arts curator Lola Sherwood (EveryoneOnly) are back for a Sixth year of music and street art.  This years artists

“Levitation” by Ludo in Paris, France

Freshly returned from South Korea where he created several pieces, Ludo is now back in Europe, ready to take over the streets of Paris once again. This new piece is entitled “Levitation” and depicts a giant insect wearing a human gas mask. Levitation itself generally requires a great amount of concentration or being in a

New Neon Interactive Mural by Spidertag in Montreal Canada

After a playful piece in Hawaii, Madrid based street artist Spidertag flew to Canada to participate in Montreal’s MURAL Festival, an eleven day event celebrating the international urban art movement. The master of artistic light spent 5 full days working on a brand new mural with neon cables on the streets of Montreal. Entitled “Interactive