Elian Chali in Ragusa, Italy

Argentinean artist Elian Chali just wrapped up an impressive new installation on the streets of Ragusa in Italy. Entitled “Traiettorie e forme”, the talented artist brought to life another superb piece of abstraction and colors with this flat mural which surely brightens up the local landscape. Elian is always using vibrant colors and a rich

Arnaud Liard creates a vibrant mural in Paris, France

French artist Arnaud Liard recently completed a brand new urban art mural on the streets of Paris, France. Coming from the Parisian graffiti scene, Arnaud Liard is a multiple artist, mixing several areas of creation to obtain a surprising result. In a universe that is his own, he defies the boundaries between artistic disciplines and

“Transit” by Johannes Mundinger in Münster, Germany

Johannes Mundinger just wrapped up a brand new piece in Münster, Germany at a train station and this time he didn’t have  to watch out for the cops. For the artist, the train station is a place filled of life, a place where numerous stories meet. First class travelers, homeless people, busy families – it´s

“Revealing The Past” by Tellas in Lanusei, Italy

Our friend Tellas just returned from Lanusei in Sardinia where he wrapped up another one of a kind piece of work. Entitled “Revealing The Past”, the talented Italian artist carefully studied this derelict wall in order to create an outstanding composition. Using his unique abstract, organic forms and shapes organized around an invisible sphere, the wall

“Stone Quarry” by Zest in Villars-Fontaine, France

French artist Zest just wrapped up an impressive mural located inside a Stone Quarry in the city of Villars-Fontaine in France. In the early 2000’s Zest started painting huge frescoes on the walls of European cities and in New York in with the graffiti artists crew Tdm from Southern France. His figurative style has given way

Recap: “Abstractism” Altrove Street Art Festival 2016 in Catanzaro, Italy

A few weeks ago in the small city of Catanzaro in Italy, the Altrove Street Art Festival took place under the theme of Abstraction. The line-up this year featured brand new street works from a stellar line-up which included the likes of 2501, Chakrabartypinaki, Alexey Luka, Aris, Ct, Ekta, Gue. Nelio, Dominic Romeo and THTF In a

“Sandwich” by Elian in Ponta Delgada, Portugal

Elian recently spent some time in Ponta Delgada, Azores. Portugal for the Walk And Talk Street Art Festival. This description is not about the composition of the artwork, it’s about the location of the mural. São Roque neighborhood is located between the ocean and the highway. In this area, is located this building which belong to a social housing project.

“Mańana, 100 toni” by Alberonero in Valencia

Alberonero just sent us a series of brilliant images from his latest mural which was just completed a few days ago on the streets of Valencia in Spain. Painting at the University Politécnica, the Italian street artist unveiled a trippy mural featuring his color-based imagery. Simple yet super effective, this street art piece absolutely rocks and is