New Mural by Chez 186 & Sarme in Hum na Sutli, Croatia

Graffiti artists Chez186 and Sarme, recently collaborated on yet another large piece in their homeland of Croatia. As a part of recently held Hoomstock festivalin Hum na Sutli, Zagreb-based artists painted this peculiar composition which effectively mixes their distinctive yet complementing styles. Without any preparation sketch or concept, the finished piece is pretty much a

Two new murals from Artez in Croatia and Serbia

Based in Belgrade, street artist by the name Artez is one of the leading Serbian aritsts to emerge on the local graffiti scene, best known as an artist who likes to mix photo-realism and illustrations, with an amazing ability to incorporate vibrant colours of his work. The artist has just sent in some new pieces that he has

“Dionysus” by Lonac in Bol, Croatia

“Dionysus” is the title of the newest piece by Lonac, painted during the recently finished Graffiti Na Gradele festival in Bol, Croatia. This large mural is another meticulously rendered portrait by the Croatian realistic artists depicting the “god of hedonism and street art”. Following the relaxing vibe of the event as well as it’s focus on

Jace x Lunar x Smack184 in Bol, Croatia

Last week marked the 6th edition of the unique Graffiti Na Gradele festival hosted in Bol on the beautiful island of Brac in Croatia. This year the event got a major international character with couple of international artists creating some fresh pieces. The infamous French artist Jace finally got to collaborate with his long time

“(P)osveta Inerciji (Dedication/Revenge to Inertia)” by Džedaj in Rijeka, Croatia

Croatian artist Džedaj (Jedy), recently did an open studio week in his hometown of Rijeka, which he rounded up by creating a DIY mural nearby. Featuring his illustrative style, he painted an image that celebrates the French composer Erik Satie, his timeless music and his legacy. Along with being one of the central figures of the

New Works by Pejac in Rijeka, Croatia

Pejac doesn’t really fit under the classic label of a street artist and is not trying to be one, yet every time he creates new public pieces he pushes the limits of the movement. And the 3 new works he recently produced in Rijeka, Croatia, during his 2 weeks residency with Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art are perfect

“Nitpicking”by Lonac in Rijeka, Croatia

Croatian artist Lonac recently visited coastal town of Rijeka to participate in the ongoing Spajalica public art project by the local Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art. After working 7 long days on a wall measuring 8x4m, Zagreb-based artist completed one of his most impressive photorealistic pieces so far, inspired by the local ship building industry history.

Isaac Cordal New Pieces in Rijeka, Croatia

Isaac Cordal recently spent couple of days in the coastal town of Rijeka in Croatia. Invited to participate in the Spajalica public art project organized by the local museum of modern art, Spanish artist spent his time there installing his miniature sculptures around the center. Continuing his ongoing series “Cement Eclipses” Cordal placed around 25 permanent