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New Mural by Chez 186 & Sarme in Hum na Sutli, Croatia

August 30, 2017
1 min read
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Graffiti artists Chez186 and Sarme, recently collaborated on yet another large piece in their homeland of Croatia. As a part of recently held Hoomstock festivalin Hum na Sutli, Zagreb-based artists painted this peculiar composition which effectively mixes their distinctive yet complementing styles.

Without any preparation sketch or concept, the finished piece is pretty much a result of improvising on the spot. Chez painted a section with his vibrant, abstract graffiti elements and part of his tag, playing with transparency, perspective, colors and shapes. Next to him Sarme painted one of his illustrative, old-school like vehicles further pushing the perspective representation in this piece. The main element of his section is a beaten up riot police bus, all tagged up and parked next to a wall with Sarme throwup painted on. This piece is one of many collaborations these 2 prolific artists worked on recently, each very different in their overall concept, ways of sharing the surface, complementing each other styles or just color palette used.

Check out some progress photos after the jump and let us know what you think about these kind of collaborations in our comment section.

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