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Two new murals from Artez in Croatia and Serbia

August 25, 2017
3 min read
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Based in Belgrade, street artist by the name Artez is one of the leading Serbian aritsts to emerge on the local graffiti scene, best known as an artist who likes to mix photo-realism and illustrations, with an amazing ability to incorporate vibrant colours of his work. The artist has just sent in some new pieces that he has done at the beginning of this month…

Featuring his signature style, artist has created two fresh new murals. The mural above is called “My piece of land” in Pozarevac, Serbia.

Among other things, City of Pozarevac is known for two things – female jail and horse ranch Ljubicevo. This mural, painted in the city centre of the town, shows a female figure that is carrying a piece of land and a horse, and symbolically looking towards the ranch, a place that is important to her and that makes her feel like home. Painting the elements that are important to the citizens of a town should draw their attention to the positive values that are creating their identity.

Mural was painted for a street art festival organised by Street Smart Belgrade, along with three other murals and a female jail wall. Festival gathered few local and international artists – Artez, Theic Licuado, Beyond, Malakkai, Guapo Sapos, Endo, Sles, Wuper, Nikola and many more.

Next up, is the mural below called “Lighthouse” which was painted for Graffiti Na Gradele festival in Bracu, Croatia. This mural is perfectly transitioned on to the wall to make the name be perfect for the piece and it took the artist 2 days to make.

Mural was painted over the course of 2 days on an abandoned hotel in the city of Bol, located on the island of Brac. Inspiration came from the location itself – red towel, sailing boat and lighthouse could be seen on every step of the island. Colours that are used on the mural should create a night time atmosphere – a perfect setting for the boat sailing on the moonlight!
Mural was painted for the “Graffiti na Gradele” festival that gathered some of the most prominent names on the street art scene today – Artez, Lonac, Sebas Velasco, Lunar, Sarme, Chez and many many more.

Check out few more images of the murals below and stay tuned on StreetArtNews for more updates from Artez!

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