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New Works by Pejac in Rijeka, Croatia

October 26, 2016
3 min read
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Pejac doesn’t really fit under the classic label of a street artist and is not trying to be one, yet every time he creates new public pieces he pushes the limits of the movement. And the 3 new works he recently produced in Rijeka, Croatia, during his 2 weeks residency with Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art are perfect example of this.

Always looking for unusual locations, fresh approach and concepts, and unique ways to develop the final piece, he found his recent trip to a coastal, former industrial hub of the region quite inspirational. During 2 weeks he spent in Rijeka, he managed to complete 3 independent works, all scattered very close to the city center:

“Camouflage (Tribute to René Magritte)” is probably one of Pejac’s most original pieces he created to date. Constructed on the windows of an abandoned paper factory power plant, it depicts a boy with a sling shot going after a flock of birds. This intervention was done by breaking, cutting and replacing the glass, as well as painting the boy silhouette, all resulting in an effective illusion. This poetic piece is artist’s tribute to René Magritte and his bird-related works, but it’s also a witty comment on nature’s ability to hide itself in urban environment as well as an ode to childhood and play.

“Ashes To Ashes” is the title of a piece he created on the walls of an old river canal. Conceptually he wanted to use as little material as possible while trying to re-create nature on a man-made concrete wall. So, instead of painting, he scratched the piece off the crumbling wall, creating an image showing a deer on fire reincarnating into a river scenery. Placed next to a smelly river, the piece evokes the purity of untouched nature, but also comments on the problems of a hunting tourism that is getting more and more popular in the region.

“Brain Drain” is another piece created nearby and is done with white and black acrylics with subtle chrome accents. The image is showing an elegant jellyfish with human brain rising above the murky water, symbolizing the exodus of creative and educated people looking for better life outside the city and the country. It also represents a human mind as a fragile organism with lethal powers.

Check out more progress and detail photos after the jump and please let us know what you think about Pejac’s latest works in our comment section.

pejac_rijeka_02 pejac_rijeka_03 pejac_rijeka_04 pejac_rijeka_05 pejac_rijeka_06 pejac_rijeka_07 pejac_rijeka_08 pejac_rijeka_09 pejac_rijeka_10 pejac_rijeka_11 pejac_rijeka_12 pejac_rijeka_13 pejac_rijeka_14 pejac_rijeka_15 pejac_rijeka_16 pejac_rijeka_17 pejac_rijeka_18

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