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Jace x Lunar x Smack184 in Bol, Croatia

August 3, 2017
1 min read
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Last week marked the 6th edition of the unique Graffiti Na Gradele festival hosted in Bol on the beautiful island of Brac in Croatia. This year the event got a major international character with couple of international artists creating some fresh pieces.

The infamous French artist Jace finally got to collaborate with his long time friends, Zagreb-based Lunar and his brother Smack184, on one of the most effective pieces of the event. Cleverly using the difficult facade of the 3 story abandoned apartment building, the French-Croatian trio painted stacked NYC subway trains and decorated them with their signature characters. Using the elements of the building as the base of the work, they invited other artist to bomb these iconic objects and bring the piece of graffiti history to the popular holiday destination in the middle of Adriatic sea.

Check out more process and detail photographs after the jump and stay tuned for more reports coming from the hot Mediterranean very soon.

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