“Le plan sur la gommette” Exhibition by Ella & Pitr in Paris

Artistic duo Ella & Pitr is back with their latest exhibition “Le plan sur la gommette” that runs from June 9th to July 4th, 2020. This exhibition will feature the 70 works they prepared during one year. Through a series of artworks painted in sandpits and then destroyed with explosives, Ella & Pitr give back its place to one

Video: Ella & Pitr “Heavy Sleepers”

French artistic duo Ella & Pitr are well known for their signature huge sleeping giants they have been painting all over the world since 5 years. They finally decided to create a short clip, with most of all the “Heavy sleepers”, as a family portrait and a new step into their work. Their were amongst

Sleeping giants by Ella & Pitr in Montreal, Canada

Ella & Pitr spent the month of July in Canada where they managed to give birth to two large new rooftop pieces. As usual with the French duo, they created some massive works showing two of their signature sleeping giants. Hailing from Saint-Etienne in France, the duo has been perfecting their technique over the last

“The Kick To The Moon” by Ella & Pitr in Saint-Etienne

Ella & Pitr are back on the streets of their hometown, Saint-Etienne in France where they just wrapped up this new piece. Entitled “The Kick To The Moon”, the French duo once again create a Xtra-Large artwork which shows on their signature sleeping giants. Four days of work were needed to create the referee and the

The Crystal Ship: Ella & Pitr in Oostende, Belgium

Ella & Pitr were recently invited to take part in the first edition of the Crystal Ship Street Art Festival which took place in Belgium. Painting on the streets of Oostende, the French artistic duo once again created an colossal artwork showing one of their inimitable monochrome characters. Painted around the world, Sleeping Giants is a

Ella & Pitr for Nuart in Stavanger, Norway

Following the overwhelming success of Ella & Pitr’s collaboration with Nuart Festival in 2015, the much-loved French couple returned to Stavanger recently to leave their mark across the region again. The industrious duo painted a new mural during a two-day snowstorm on a dilapidated four-story building in Stavanger centre. Titled “La fonte des glaces” (or

Coverage: Nuart ’15 Indoor Exhibition

As every year, the big finale of 15th edition of Nuart in Stavanger was the big indoor show at the tunnels of an old brewery that is today’s Tou Scene. Close to 400 people attended the official opening on the 5th of September, witnessing some exceptional work produced in only couple of days.This year’s show

Nuart ’15: Ella & Pitr unveil a third mural in Stavanger, Norway

Our friends Ella & Pitr have been rather busy in Norway for the Nuart Street Art Festival which took place on the streets of Stavanger.Ella & Pitr met in 2007 and decided to combine their talents. Their first pieces were drawn on paper with Chinese ink, which were then pasted onto walls, lending to their