“AFTERGLOW/UNDERTOW” Solo Show by Fin DAC in Gallery Different, London
September 15, 2021
4 min read
Globally renowned street artist Fin DAC, whom is considered one of the most collectible living artists within his genre – is to exhibit in London for the first time with his long awaited solo show ‘Afterglow/Undertow’. The exhibition public viewing willl commence on commence from Saturday 23rd October 2021 until Sunday 31st October 2021. This…
Fin DAC in Australia & New Zealand
March 16, 2020
2 min read
Globe-trotting urban artist, Fin DAC has spent the last 6 months on the road indulging in a ‘spraycation’ of sorts. As such he hasn’t really been keeping us up to date with his goings-on but, we’ve just heard from him on his return from down under in Australia and New Zealand. The Irish artists’ sponsorship…
“Noa Noa” by Fin DAC for Ono’u Tahiti
November 14, 2019
1 min read
The latest location for Fin DAC on his 4th quarter travels was Tahiti where he joined up with the Ono’u Tahiti Festival crew along with Millo, Bordalo, Case Maclaim and more. Noa Noa is the end result… the title of which comes from the memoirs of Paul Gauguin, an artist synonymous with the depiction of…
“Shisoka” by Fin DAC in London
October 10, 2019
1 min read
Fin DAC has been in touch with news of his latest addition to the streets of London. Painted in Acton, West London as part of the new Acton Unframed Project, ‘Shisoka’ is another one of the artists ‘wall adaptations’ where he uses the architecture to inform the design. The design which includes Fin’s first landscape…
“Engeika” by Fin DAC in Berlin, Germany
September 24, 2019
1 min read
It’s been a summer of firsts for Fin DAC. Following on from his virgin foray to Mexico, Fin DAC went back to one of his favourite haunts, Berlin, to paint (surprisingly) his first ever large mural there. And, as he has been doing more and more over the years, this one was much more about the integration…
Frida Kahlo mural by Fin DAC in Mexico
August 15, 2019
2 min read
Our Irish friend Fin DAC has just finished up something very special in Guadalajara, Mexico. His first venture to the country of Mexico has resulted in his biggest wall to date and features one of the most notable female painters of all time as well as an icon in her day and to this present…
“Wajahbaru” by Fin DAC in Melbourne
February 27, 2019
1 min read
Fin DAC is still in Melbourne, Australia having just completed the second of 2 murals. This one is in the Brunswick district of the city on Sunshine Lane. The artist has spent 4 long days there completing Wajahbaru: an Indonesian inspired piece featuring an insane amount of detailed beadwork from the Toraja region and muse…
“Selenaia” by Fin Day in Whangārei, New Zealand
February 12, 2019
1 min read
Our travelling Irish friend Fin Dac has just been in Whangārei in the north of New Zealand for the latest Street Prints Festival ‘Street Prints Manaia. Working to a theme of ‘Weaving the Threads of Humanity’ Fin chose to depict a model/muse of dual ethnicity/heritage: Maori and Filipino. The ‘spilt’ image shows traditional clothing from…
“Dengju” by Fin DAC in Paris, France
July 30, 2018
1 min read
Personal circumstances have kept Irish artist Fin DAC away from the streets for much of this year but he’s back… with a bang. 10 long days in Pantin, Paris as part of ‘Ete Du Canal’ have resulted in ‘Dengju’: not just a mural but a kind of reinterpretation of a building. Taking his lead from…
“The Wild Rose” by Fin DAC for Wynwood Walls, Miami
February 6, 2018
1 min read
It’s quite clear that our Irish friend Fin DAC was keeping his cards close to his chest with regards to his biggest project to date: a 4,000 square feet rooftop mural hidden in plain sight at Wynwood Walls. During the whole stay in Miami, the artist only posted pictures of a small mural/wall (located at Lulu Lab…

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