Rooftop by Fin DAC in San Francisco

Our friend Fin DAC is definitely a man of his word. Hot on the heels of his recent Bratislava piece, the Irish artist presents us with another street piece for 2017… and, as promised, this isn’t just a mural. ‘Shukumei’ is an addition to the artist’s ‘Hidden Beauty’ series but, as stated by the artist

‘Veľké Oči’ by Fin DAC in Bratislava

As stated on our last Fin DAC post, the Irish artist assured us that his street work for 2017 was about to increase… so here he is with what he thinks may be his largest mural to date. ‘Veľké Oči’ was painted over the course of 5 days for the annual Bratislava Street Art Festival

“Lady Kinoko” by Fin DAC in West London

Our Irish friend Fin DAC has been a little quite of late in terms of street work but he assures us thats all about to change and first off the bat is this new creation entitled ‘Lady Kinoko’ in Notting Hill, West London. Carrying on from successful ‘interventions’ last year in Venice and Miami, the

“Resurrection of Angels Part 2” by Fin DAC in Los Angeles

While the goal of most muralists is to create work in high traffic areas, internationally renowned urban artist Fin DAC prefers to send art seekers on a scavenger hunt to find secluded artworks. His Hidden Beauty series is a collection of murals that invites fans to explore uncharted territory for the chance to be rewarded

“Vergiss” by Fin DAC in Tucson, Arizona

We caught up with Irish artist Fin DAC recently and he informed us of some more of the artwork locations from his US tour: a 3 month trip zig-zagging around from state to state and city to city painting murals wherever he could. Somewhere in the middle of that tour, he spent a few days

“Resurrection of Angels” by Fin DAC in Los Angeles

Irish urban artist Fin DAC has been hopping from place to place in the US recently (see previous posts) and he’s just stopped off in LA to drop 2 pieces in the same vein. Resurrection of Angels Part 1 is, as the title suggests, the first instalment. Taking his theme from the City of Angels

“Souzaste” by Fin DAC in California

Fin DAC continues his tour around The States with a stop off at the Central California Coast to add another piece to his “Hidden Beauties” series of works. As per the norm with these works, the artist hasn’t revealed a location other than informing us that “Souzaste is painted on large, rusty old water tank

“Yuijou” by Fin DAC in Ephrata, USA

Irish artist Fin DAC continues his North America tour with a stop off in the Pacific North West and the tiny town of Ephrata (no we’ve never heard of it either?). With bad weather seemingly following him wherever he goes he still managed to produce a summery little number he’s entitled “Yuijou” . The piece features some of his signature