“Kit de Secours” by Leon Keer in Plougasnou, France
June 28, 2021
1 min read
World-renowned 3D artist Leon Keer is back with another stunning anamorphic mural in Plougasnou, France. Entitled “Kit de Secours” the latest mural is located in Plougasnou, France, in a nearby beach setting. The project is a collaboration of Leon Keer with MX Arts Tour Festival. Leon Keer is one of the world’s foremost artists in 3D…
“Shattering” by Leon Keer in Helsingborg, Sweden
September 3, 2020
1 min read
Dutch pop-surrealist artist Leon Keer is back with a new 3D mural in Helsingborg, Sweden for the 4th edition of ArtStreetHbg (ArtStreet Helsingborg). The towering mural features china teacups that are about to tumble out of its shelf. Each teacup was painted with a different scene intended to draw attention to the dangers and effects of…
“Safe House” by Leon Keer in Morlaix, France
July 6, 2020
1 min read
As part of the MX29 Graffiti Tour 2020 organized by the Ateliers du Graff, the Dutch artist Leon Keer worked on a new mural in Morlaix, France. The mural features a trompe l’oeil gift packaging on the gable of a building. “It is not obvious for everybody to have a roof over their head, your home is…
Leon Keer for Dubai Street Museum in UAE
December 27, 2019
1 min read
Dutch artist Leon Keer recently returned from Dubai where he just wrapped up a large new artwork for the latest edition of the Dubai Street Museum in the United Arab Emirates. Produced by SAN (StreetArtNews) Projects, this newest addition to the Dubai Street Museum by Leon Keer is another mind-boggling 3D illusion which shows a…
Leon Keer creates a mind-boggling mural for The Crystal Ship
April 23, 2019
1 min read
Our friend Leon Keer recently stopped by Belgium where he was invited to paint with the good lads from The Crystal Ship Festival. Entitled “Fragile”, the Dutch artist brought to life another of his exquisite “Trompe L’oeil” artwork with this set of vases. The Crystal Ship has been a leading European festival for the last…
“Shoe Boxes” by Leon Keer in Lynn, USA
August 27, 2018
1 min read
Our friend Leon Keer just sent us some images from his latest mural that was just reveled on the streets of Lynn in Massachusetts . Lynn was the shoe capital of the world by the turn of the 20th century, with about 234 shoe factories around the city. The painted shoeboxes are empty as shoe…
Leon Keer in Long Beach, California
July 22, 2018
1 min read
Our friend Leon Keer recently spent some time in North America where he was invited by the good people from POW! WOW!. Painting on the streets of Long Beach in California, the Dutch artist created this impressive 3D optical illusion. Long Beach Pike was an amusement park from early 1900. After some decades of fun…

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