“Gestures of a Square” by Li-Hill in Dalston, East London
August 4, 2020
2 min read
Street artist Li-Hill recently a mural entitled “Gestures of a Square” at Gillett Square, a unique and important public space in the heart of Dalston, East London. Physically, it is a granite open space flanked by jazz bars, cafes, food outlets and a host of other activities. Culturally, the square is the co-presence of people – people…
15 Striking Animal Street Art Murals
May 15, 2020
1 min read
The animal kingdom have been a source of inspiration for many artists. Through reintroducing nature with the urban landscape, we get to rediscover our environment. From raising awareness about animal rights to just simply appreciating the beauty of the creatures, there are a lot of themes found in animal-inspired street art. Whether it is a whimsical…
“Process of Acceleration” by Li-Hill in Grenoble, France
July 5, 2019
2 min read
Canadian artist Li-Hill just wrapped up “Process Of Acceleration”, a large new mural in France for the Street Art Fest Grenoble Alpes. Based on research about Grenoble, this piece speaks about the technological and environmentally focused innovation hub that Grenoble has become. How the geographic setting of Grenoble amid the mountains and rushing rivers, allowed…
Preview: The Bushwick Collective 7th Annual Block Party, Brooklyn, NY 06/02/18
May 31, 2018
1 min read
This Saturday June 2nd, 2018 The Bushwick Collective 7th Annual Block Party in Brooklyn, NY is the place to be!  Free for all this yearly event features, music, food, venders, face painting, a beer garden, food trucks, free haircuts… and art… live art… and more ART!!  Some of the best street artists in the world…
Coverage: Swoon x Heliotrope x BSA Pop-Up NYC
April 9, 2017
1 min read
@artlovenyc deciding which prints to add to her collection. The first lady of street art Swoon is back with a pop-up exhibit, featuring newly released sketches by Swoon Studio and limited edition prints by six world-renowned street artists Case Maclaim, Faith XLVII, Icy And Sot, Li-Hill, Miss Van, & Tavar Zawacki (Above) all benefiting her…
Recap: POW! WOW! Long Beach 2016
July 26, 2016
1 min read
POW! WOW! Long Beach successfully returned for the second consecutive year and artists from around the globe flew in California to participate in the week- long event bringing art and culture to the city. This year, a lot more artists were in town and the very interesting line-up included 123Klan, Aaron Li-Hill, Andrew Hem, Brendan Monroe, Cinta Vidal,…
“The Impact Of Discovery” by Li-Hill in Kiev, Ukraine
June 14, 2016
2 min read
New York based Canadian street artist Li-Hill just painted the building of the Cultural Arts Center of the biggest Technical University of Ukraine “KPI” in Kiev. This piece speaks to two influential discoveries within the last two centuries. The name of the artwork is “The Impact Of Discovery”. Painted on this multi-surfaced building is an explosion created from…
“The Deacon of Dark River”, a new mural by Li-Hill in Reykjavik, Iceland
October 13, 2015
2 min read
Li-Hill‘s latest wall was done in Reykjavik on the old Iceland Opera building as part of Wall Poetry in collaboration with Urban Nation. Paired with a musical artists, the Canadian street artist drew inspiration from John Grant’s song “Pale Green Ghost” and in line with the theatrical setting, an old popular Icelandic ghost story called…
Li-Hill paints a massive mural in Berlin, Germany
September 11, 2015
1 min read
Li-Hill just spent the last few days in Berlin, Germany where he hooked up with the good people from Urban Nation Berlin.The American street artist painted some of his signature imagery for the locals to enjoy with this beautiful and impressive piece entitled “Rise And Fall”.Based on two source points, a famous statue in Berlin…
Li Hill creates three new works in Rochester for Wall Therapy
July 30, 2015
1 min read
Li Hill was busy this year in Rochester for the Wall Therapy mural festival creating three different works including one gorilla installation. Arriving into town a few days early allowed Li Hill to produce one of his signature wooden installations somewhere in a field in Rochester.  In tune with his previous installations this piece included…

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