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Recap: POW! WOW! Long Beach 2016

July 26, 2016
1 min read
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POW! WOW! Long Beach successfully returned for the second consecutive year and artists from around the globe flew in California to participate in the week- long event bringing art and culture to the city.

This year, a lot more artists were in town and the very interesting line-up included 123Klan, Aaron Li-Hill, Andrew Hem, Brendan Monroe, Cinta Vidal, Dave Van Patten, Defer, Dragon76, Edwin Ushiro, Ernest Zacharevic, Evah Fan, Felipe Pantone, Gail Werner, Gary Musgrave, Hitozuki, Hula, James Molina, James Haunt, Jeff McMillan, Kaplan Bunce, Kashink, Mr44, OG23, OG Slick, Pantonio, Sarah Joncas, Sket One, Telmo Miel, and Yoskay Yamamoto.

The end-result is a feast for your eyes with a wide mix of style and techniques so take a look below for more images from Brandon Shigeta while we wait for more from the POW! WOW! crew.

streetartnews_pow_wow_long_beach-10 streetartnews_pow_wow_long_beach-14 streetartnews_pow_wow_long_beach-13 streetartnews_pow_wow_long_beach-8 streetartnews_pow_wow_long_beach-3 streetartnews_pow_wow_long_beach-1 streetartnews_pow_wow_long_beach-6 streetartnews_pow_wow_long_beach-7 streetartnews_pow_wow_long_beach-2 streetartnews_pow_wow_long_beach-12 streetartnews_pow_wow_long_beach-11 streetartnews_pow_wow_long_beach-16 streetartnews_pow_wow_long_beach-17 streetartnews_pow_wow_long_beach-15 streetartnews_pow_wow_long_beach-9

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