“Balance” BasketBall Court by AKACORLEONE in Lisbon, Portugal

Underdogs platform is pleased to reveal “BALANCE”, an art intervention created by the Portuguese artist AkaCorleone in Lisbon, Portugal, in the scope of the Underdogs Public Art Programme, in partnership with GAU – Urban Art Gallery of the Lisbon Municipal Council and with the support of the civil parish of Arroios. Titled “BALANCE”, the work

To Pessoa and Saramago: a poetry homage by Opiemme in Lisbon, Portugal.

Concurrently with the beginning of the literary festival Os Dias do Desassossego (translated: The Days of Unrest, which is inspired by the homonymous masterpiece written by Bernando Soares, one of Fernando Pessoa’s heteronym) that takes place every year in Lisbon in late autumn, Italian artist and street poet Opiemme was invited to pay homage to

Ludo in Lisbon, Portugal

Ludo just sent us some images from a series of pieces he just unveiled somewhere on the streets of the lovely Lisbon in Portugal. The french artist brought to life three new pieces which are all focusing on Flora elements. As usual with Ludo, the original elements are twisted and remixed with modern references and

PichiAvo in Santa Apolónia, Lisbon

Our friends PichiAvo just completed a large new mural in Portugal located in the district of Santa Apolónia in Lisbon. As usual with the Spanish street art duo, they created a wonderful artwork that blends the ancient harmony of classical art with the calligraphic rebelliousness of modern graffiti. If you are stopping by Lisbon in the coming

“Double Double Bass” by Zësar Bahamonte in Lisbon, Portugal

Sevilla-based artist Zësar Bahamonte just sent us a few images from his latest artwork “Double Double Bass” which was just completed on the streets of Lisbon in Portugal. Part of his recurring series “New Colors”, Zësar created this fantastic and beautiful piece of work which is featuring some of his signature imagery. Talking about his latest street

“La Madre Secular 3” by INTI in Lisbon

Continuing the series that he started in Marseille and Paris a few weeks ago, INTI travelled to Lisbon, Portugal for the third installment. Entitled “La Madre Secular 3”, the Chilean street artist once again created a beautiful large mural showing his representation of the Madonna icon.  The piece was organized by Underdogs10 with the support of

“Comvida” by AddFuel in Lisbon

Portugese artist Add Fuel recently wrapped up another signature piece created for MURO Festival in Lisbon, Portugal. Titled “Comvida”, this work is an important step for the artist as it mixes his Azulejos inspired stencil and freehand painting for the first time. Hoping to set the new path for his work, “Comvida” is inspired by

“Two Of One Kind” by Telmo Miel & Parizone in Lisbon, Portugal

Telmo Miel landed in planet Portugal where they were invited by Parizone to work on the streets of Lisbon. The newly formed Dutch-Portuguese crew created this extra large mural entitled “Two Of One Kind”. The two portraits are from the one and only daughter from Parizone. As usual with Telmo Miel, its a technically impeccable