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“Balance” BasketBall Court by AKACORLEONE in Lisbon, Portugal

July 19, 2019
2 min read
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Underdogs platform is pleased to reveal “BALANCE”, an art intervention created by the Portuguese artist AkaCorleone in Lisbon, Portugal, in the scope of the Underdogs Public Art Programme, in partnership with GAU – Urban Art Gallery of the Lisbon Municipal Council and with the support of the civil parish of Arroios.

Titled “BALANCE”, the work consists of a direct intervention on the floor of the basketball court in Campo dos Mártires da Pátria. Its dimensions are 14 × 25 metres and it was created with recourse to anti-slip enamel paint and hardener, having taken around nine days to complete. In total, some 91 litres of paint, 24 litres of hardener and five litres of paint thinner.

According to the artist’s statement:
“The search for a true balance, a perfect duality between two people, two teams, two sides, two realities, is hard to achieve, but it’s possible.
The concept behind the art for this project was to play with the notion of duality, of two different points of view, two different sides that complement each other like to opposite versions of the same reality that can only be understood as one.”

AkaCorleone further adds that the impact of the piece also tries to fall on the “more ludic and communal aspect of a place that gathers different people every day, of different ages and from different contexts, to practice various sports over this surface. It takes into account the importance of the various communities that use it and the neighbourhood where it is located.”

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