‘Les Baguettes’ by Dimitris Taxis in Rabat, Morocco.
May 16, 2018
1 min read
Greek Artist Dimitris Taxis strikes again with another brand new wall titled ‘Les Baguettes’. He was invited for his very first time to Morocco for the 4th edition of JIDAR Street Art Festival in Rabat organized by the Association Boulevard L’EAC and the National Museums Foundation. This edition took place from 16 to 22nd April…
New Murals For Jidar-Toiles De Rue Festival in Rabat, Morocco
May 4, 2017
1 min read
After successful inaugural event last year, the organizers behind Jidar – Toiles De Rue festival (canvas of the streets), just completed another successful edition of the project. Taking place from 21st until 30th of April, The City of Lights hosted a list of various events related to urban art and produced an impressive series of 12 new murals through…
Invader invades Rabat in Morocco
March 24, 2017
1 min read
Just one month after his recent street invasion of the beautiful Marrakech, the one and only Invader went back to Morocco to invade its capitale city also known as Rabat ! Rabat is a wonderful city, a perfect location for the 20 mosaics, the French street artist has disseminated in the narrow streets of the medina, filled with riads, stray cats and…
Remi Rough in Rabat, Morocco
May 8, 2016
1 min read
Our friend Remi Rough just sent us some sweet images from his latest piece which was created in Rabat, Morocco. Painting at the Mohamed VI Museum, the British artist brought to life some of his signature abstract imagery with a vibrant red and black piece. Born in 1971 in South London,  Remi/Rough has been breaking aesthetic…
“Cosmic Balance” by Deih in Rabat
May 6, 2016
1 min read
Our friend Deih recently spent some time in Rabat, Morocco where he was invited to paint for the latest edition of the Jidar Street Art Festival. Entitled “Cosmic Balance”, the Spanish artist spent a few days working on Jacob Mansoir Street where he created a vibrant piece featuring some of his signature comic-inspired imagery. As…
“The Moroccan Weaver Of Rugs” by Case Ma’Claim in Rabat
May 4, 2016
1 min read
Case Ma’Claim was also in Rabat, Morocco for Jidar Street Art Festival where he spent a few days working on a brand new piece. Entitled “The Moroccan Weaver Of Rugs”, the German artist painted this interesting artwork showing the process of rug-making by a skilled Moroccan craftsman. Carpets and rugs have been for a very long traditionally…
Saner New Mural in Rabat, Morocco
May 4, 2016
1 min read
Moroccan capital of Rabat recently hosted Jidar urban art festival which produced a series of mural through the city. One of the invited artists was Saner from Mexico, known for his figurative works strongly influenced by Mexican tradition and culture. For this work the artist mixed the elements of his native culture along with the…
Remi Rough creates a new mural in Rabat, Morocco
May 30, 2015
1 min read
Our buddy Remi Rough recently spent some time in Morocco for the Jidar Toile De Rue Festival which took place on the streets of Rabat.Assisted by YesBee, the British artist quickly wrapped up this large building with some of his signature abstract imagery. A new life for a grey and boring building!Reconvene after the jump…
INTI paints “Exodus”, his latest mural in Rabat, Morocco
May 22, 2015
1 min read
Our friend INTI was also in North Africa where he was given a monster wall to work his magic and beautify the streets of Rabat in Morocco.The Chilean muralist brought to life a stunning piece which is introducing a never seen before character holding a tiny lamb in its hands.The artist added: “Morocco .. Bridge…