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‘Les Baguettes’ by Dimitris Taxis in Rabat, Morocco.

May 16, 2018
1 min read
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Greek Artist Dimitris Taxis strikes again with another brand new wall titled ‘Les Baguettes’.

He was invited for his very first time to Morocco for the 4th edition of JIDAR Street Art Festival in Rabat organized by the Association Boulevard L’EAC and the National Museums Foundation. This edition took place from 16 to 22nd April 2018 and it has envolved a great number of national and international artists.

Dimitris decided to paint a mural that depicts a young woman currying bread in the streets of the old Medina of Rabat. The art work is located at Mohamed VI and Tadia Avenue in Rabat. He spent almost 9 days working on a big wall about 18-20 metres tall. The project was curated by Salah Malouli from Jidar Festival.

Dimitris was totally inspired by the suggestive colors of the old town of Rabat and he focused his attention on how women are positioned in the muslim community.

Check the images below from Hamza Nuino and keep checking back with us for the latest updates from the street art world.

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