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“Mou Mou” by Elian Chali in Rabat, Morocco

September 28, 2021
1 min read
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Argentinian artist Elian Chali recently worked on a mural project entitled “Mou Mou” in Rabat, Morocco. The mural is made of acrylic paint that stretches over 50 x 8 meters of the building’s facade. The project was done in collaboration with Jidar Festival, curated by Salah Malouli.

Elian creates vibrant murals that balance a simple aesthetic with carefully calculated designs. He often incorporates anamorphic shapes into his murals, placing squiggles and squares at the corners of buildings, creating the illusion of floating patterns. Clean lines and flat color fields almost seem to be rendered digitally rather than laboriously hand-painted across hundreds or even thousands of square feet.

His aesthetics are inspired by the Pop-Art, minimalism, Russian constructivism, and neoplasticism. Through his work, the artist seeks to open a discussion that goes from the social problems to the poetry of the habitat in which he creates.

Scroll down below for more photos of the mural and check back with us shortly for more updates from Elian Chali.

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