Ceramic Mosaics by Carrie Reichardt for Nuart Aberdeen 2018

Nuart festival once again teamed up with Amnesty International during recently held Nuart Aberdeen 2018. After working with Ricky Lee Gordon during their 2017 edition in Stavanger, this time they joined forces with contemporary ceramicist Carrie Reichardt to create a piece of permanent public art that will highlight Amnesty International’s project in support of women human

“An affective bond” by Hyuro in Scotland

The one and only Hyuro just sent us some sweet images from her latest artwork which was just completed on the streets of Aberdeen in Scotland. In town for the latest edition of the Nuart Street Art Festival, Hyuro created another beautiful piece showing two of her signature females characters interacting with each other. The

“983 Followers”, a new mural by Daniel “SAN” Munoz in Scotland

Daniel Munoz aka “SAN” recently stopped by Scotland where he spent a few hours working on a brand new indoor piece somewhere in the Scottish countryside.Entitled “983 Followers”, the Spanish street artist created this beautiful piece of work which was painted on concrete using acrylic and brushes. The piece is showing hundreds of monochrome silhouettes giving

“Cecil The Lion”, a tribute by DZIA in Glasgow, Scotland

Our buddy DZIA recently spent some time in the lovely city of Glasgow in Scotland where he managed to cram in several pieces. Amongst some of his signature animals, the Belgian artist created a beautiful portrait and tribute to “Cecil The Lion”. Cecil was a 13-year-old male Southwest African lion who primarily lived in the Hwange

Klingatron creates a new piece in Glasgow, Scotland

Klingatron just sent us a series of exclusive images from his newest street piece which was just completed somewhere along the canal in Glasgow, Scotland.Painted using his signature hand-cut stencils, it took the Scottish artist just a few hours to create this vibrant and energetic tiger.Hit the jump for more images on this artwork and

Askew One New Mural – Glasgow, Scotland

Before the successful opening of his exhibition in London, Askew One was in Scotland where he worked his magic on 6 storey building at the Townhead Campus of the City of Glasgow College at 230 Cathedral Street in the city centre.Askew’s painting is of a close friend, Leilani Momoisea, a NZ journalist, model and blogger

Fintan Magee New Mural – Glasgow, Scotland

Fintan Magee recently stopped by the city of Glasgow where he was invited for the In Common Street Art Festival.As usual with the Australian street artist, he painted a massive piece featuring one of his hyper-realistic signature characters. The mural is entitled “The Model Boat”.Continue reading for more images on this artwork and then check

Faith47 “Oh The Miracle Of Empty Hands” New Mural – Glasgow, Scotland

Faith47 is currently in Scotland where she just finished working on this new piece which is entitled “Oh The Miralce Of Empty Hands”.Painting on the streets of Glasgow, the South African muralist quickly worked her way through this beautiful piece which is showing one of her signature ghost-like characters. This was painted for the Incommon