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Mural by SNIK in Aberdeen, Scotland

July 14, 2021
3 min read
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Stencil art duo, SNIK have recently collaborated with Nuart Aberdeen Summer’s third project in this year’s residency programme. Nuart and SNIK have developed a fabulously creative and productive relationship over the last few years. This will be the second visit to Nuart Aberdeen having joined the event in 2018 where they produced the now landmark “Hold Fast Hope” mural.

This years theme of “Re-Connecting” is marked by inviting several artists back to the city, a literal attempt to connect artists back to Aberdeen but also to connect citizens back to a post pandemic public space. This particular work, is a companion piece to a similar sister mural in Stavanger, also twinned with Aberdeen. Extending this idea of “re-connection” back across the North Sea.

The bridge that the work is produced on connects Union Street, the city’s main high street, to Aberdeen Market, a much maligned building that is now scheduled for demolition and redevelopment. SNIK’s recent body of work has employed and embraced the idea of the ephemeral, something we know all too well in this culture. Soon the physical bridge, the market and artwork will all be gone.

What’s left will be the memories of this production, the memories of the art, its digital legacy but also carried in the memory of everyone who either worked on the project or had the pleasure of experiencing it. How it haunts the new development, we’ve yet to find out, but hopefully, in the short time of its existence, it finds a way to connect the past with the future in interesting ways, much like the bridge itself.

Snik is an artist duo based in Stamford, UK. Specialising in hand-cut stencil art. As two of the most progressive artists of their kind. Despite of digital techniques, Snik as a male and female partnership always remained true to the origins of their craft with complex, multi-layered and hand cut stencils. The commitment to the discipline’s heritage and their aesthetic of frozen scenes of dynamic action makes their work instantly recognisable. Their art focuses on the conventional and commonplace, such as tangled strands of hair or the textures and folds found on certain fabrics. Their focus on the ordinary elevates the subtle aspects to hint a deeper meaning.

Scroll down below for more photos of SNIK’s masterpiece.

Photo credite: Clake Joss Photography

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