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“The Man on the Stone” by Jofre Oliveras in Aberdeen, Scotland

June 17, 2022
1 min read
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Spanish muralist and activist Jofre Oliveras decided to explore what nationalism means in 2022 for his Nuart Aberdeen mural. Located on Frederick Street, his large-scale painting depicts a man who’s holding a flag – but the flag is covering his face.

Exploring the concept of Nationalism, the man on the stone, blinded by the flag is denied a perspective on anything else. It’s this “perspective on anything else”, that lifts it beyond bipartisan politics into a more universal realm. Which is probably just as well in the UK at the moment.

“The flag is not letting this man see and have perspective,” said Jofre. The talented artist wanted to investigate the paradox of “being more global than ever but also being more isolated”.

Take a look below for more photo’s of “The Man on the Stone”

Photos by Brian TallmanDoug Gillen; Clarke Joss Photography; Conor Gault

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