MonkeyBird in Le Locle, in Switzerland

MonkeyBird just sent us a series of images from their latest artwork that was created on the streets of Le Locle in Switzerland. Entitled “La Cité De La Précision”, the French artists brought to life an ultra-detailed artwork which will leave the viewers in pure awe. MonkeyBird is made up of two talented artists from

“Celsius” by Nevercrew in Lugano (Switzerland)

If it is not obvious at all to have certainties in life, what is certain is that every time the Nevercrew leave a mark of their passage, we remain struck by their skill. This time we talk about Celsius, the latest work made by the Swiss duo at Spazio Morel in Lugano. The painting proposes

“More Than Honey” By Onur In Austria

The father of Onur‘s girlfriend is a beekeeper, which inspired him to get concerned about the danger of bee death. Close to the family’s beehives, the artist discovered an abandoned factory site where he painted this piece, which is divided in two parts. Onur’s recognizable style is created with different materials – besides the classic

“Home Ground” by Never Crew in Chur, Switzerland

Christian Rebecchi & Pablo Togni from Never Crew recently wrapped up a new piece somewhere on the streets of Chur in Switzerland. This piece is entitled “Home Ground” and was created for the latest edition of the StreetArtFestival. This mural is inspired by the structure of the wall itself, by the local traditions, by the

Two new murals from Ethos in Switzerland and USA

It has been quite a while since we last heard from Claudio Ethos on StreetArtNews, but he is back with two new murals in two different continents – Europe and USA. First mural was done in Long Beach New Jersey for Whitechapel project, and the second is a collaboration piece with Wes21 in Switzerland named “The Cow on

“Skyline mountain” by David de la Mano in Crans, Switzerland

Earlier this month, David de la Mano was invited for Vision Art Festival in Crans, (Valais) Switzerland where he has painted a mural called “Skyline mountain” on an apartment building, above a post office in the heights of Swiss mountains… Not just a black & white piece – this time incorporating some red figures. Take a look at

“Melody” by REDL in Zurich, Switzerland

Born in Zürich in 1969, artist by the name of REDL developed a passion for drawing from an early age. When the hip-hop culture and particularly graffiti grew in Europe during the early eighties, he was immediately fascinated by this new form of creative expression and sprayed his first painting in 1983. Since 1994, REDL has

“Realizing Machine” by NEVERCREW in Luzern, Switzerland

NEVERCREW just finished working on a new piece done in Luzern (Switzerland!) for the Neusicht exhibition, organized by Viva con Agua, a network of people and organisations commited to establish access to clean drinking water and basic sanitation for all humans worldwide, so something really important. The artwork is entitled “Realizing machine” and it continues to explore the