“No Matter the Wreckage” by Telmo Miel in Norway

Dutch artist duo Telmo Miel latest mural is painted in the heart of a small beautiful town called “Refvik”. This small place on the West Coast of Norway has endured a lot of disasters in the past. Wildfires, Storms, Nazi Invasions and Shipwrecks are part of their history. This all started back in the days

“Like giving flowers to a fish” by Telmo & Miel in Saint Denis, France

Last week Telmo & Miel were in France, near Paris to paint a mural for ‘Street Art Avenue Grand Paris’. It’s a new project in the outskirts of Paris where the organizers try to create a urban art gallery, with murals located next to ‘Canal Saint-Denis’. This creates a special way to view the gallery;

“Glocal” by Telmo & Miel in Cascais, Portugal

Our friends from Telmo & Miel just sent us some beautiful images from their latest large scale mural in Europe. The Infinito Festival in Cascais Portugal had a theme in mind they wanted to work with, which the artists saw as an opportunity. The festival’s idea was to create something that represents local elements as

The Crystal Ship: Work in Progress by Telmo Miel in Ostend, Belgium

Telmo Miel is also in Ostend, Belgium where they just started their wall for The Crystal Ship Street Art Festival. Telmo Miel is a Dutch artistic duo, best known as muralists and image makers while combining spray painting styles with classic Realism, Abstraction and Surrealism. Telmo and Miel currently live and work in Rotterdam, Netherlands. Check

“Dog Daze Of Summer” by Telmo Miel in Eugene, Oregon

Dutch street art duo Telmo Miel just finished a brand new mural for 20×21 EUG mural project in Eugene, Oregon titled “Dog Daze Of Summer”… ‘The dog days of summer are the hot, sultry days of summer, best spend in a Daze. A lost state of mind that might eventually go away. Sometimes considered enjoyable and makes time pass

Two new pieces by Telmo Miel in Australia

Dutch street art duo Telmo Miel just wrapped up two new large murals on the streets of Port Adelaide and Perth in Australia. Their first piece above was painted in the precinct of the old Railway Workshops in Perth, Australia. The artwork was inspired by the area around it as the railway workshops supported thousands

“Hit the Lights” mural collaboration by Sebas Velasco & Telmo Miel in Rotterdam

Seb Velascos and Telmo Miel recently collaborated on a brand new urban art mural somewhere on the streets of Rotterdam in Netherlands for the Sober Collective. Entitled “Hit The Lights”, the new piece is impressive as ever and feature each artists’ distinctive imagery and signature styles. It’s always interesting to see collaborative pieces that truly

“The Pale Horse and its Rider” by Telmo Miel in Buenos Aires

Dutch street art duo Telmo Miel just wrapped up a large new piece on the streets of Buenos Aires in Argentina. Painting in the district of La Boca, Telmo Miel created another brilliant piece which is entitled “The Pale Horse and its Rider”. With this piece, the artists wanted to highlight the fact that there are