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“Glocal” by Telmo & Miel in Cascais, Portugal

June 18, 2018
1 min read
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Our friends from Telmo & Miel just sent us some beautiful images from their latest large scale mural in Europe.

The Infinito Festival in Cascais Portugal had a theme in mind they wanted to work with, which the artists saw as an opportunity.
The festival’s idea was to create something that represents local elements as well as Global elements. Therefor the theme name was ‘Glocal’. The piece is also dubbed “Collecting the pieces from all around which finally make up who i am”

The duo decided to go with their unique collage technique to create a figure that hold different parts from different cultures. All these parts make up one person and embodies the idea of absorbing multiple aspects of various worlds. A portrait created with a soft and nuanced pallet to accompany the surroundings.

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