“Education System” by Sepe in Warsaw

Polish artist Sepe recently returned home from his trip to US and got up on a cherry picker to work on a new piece for Street Art Doping fest. Organized in in cooperation with Do Dzieła Foundation the new mural in Warsaw is titled “Education System”. Following his ongoing series of work that is incorporating

“Warszawa Wschodnia (Eastern Warsaw)” by Sebas Velasco in Warsaw

Sebas Velasco recently spent some time in Poland painting a great piece in the Praga neighborhood of Warsaw. Titled “Warszawa Wschodnia (Eastern Warsaw)” this figurative mural is a typical example of his signature mix between portraiture and local, almost exclusively night time elements. Working on an old crumbling building, Spanish artist created an impressive piece

NeSpoon in Poland, France & Portugal

NeSpoon create works that are somewhere in between street art, pottery, painting and sculpture. Her goal is to do positive art, she deals with positive emotions. Sometime she also comment in her art with social and political issues that she considers important. Most of her work consist of patterns of traditional laces, made in clay or painted on

1010 paints a large black hole in Warsaw, Poland for Street Art Doping

While we last heard from him in Gdynia a few days ago, 1010 has now landed in Warsaw, Poland where he was invited by Street Art Doping.After a few days of work, the prolific muralist created yet another super impressive colored three dimensional optical illusion.1010 is reproducing a 3D technique on the flat. Even though

Sepe paints a new portraiture quadriptych in Warsaw, Poland

In order to celebrate the closing of his successful solo show in London with Lawrence Alkin Gallery, Sepe painted another piece at a secret abandoned location in Warsaw.“The Further You Go..” is a continuation of his mural he’s done at the same place for the show opening, and it is consisting of 4 portraits. Both

Sepe reveals a new secret mural he recently painted in Warsaw

Only few days before heading to London to open his solo show with Lawrence Alkin Gallery, Sepe painted this secret mural in his hometown of Warsaw.Polish artist introduced slightly new imagery with this piece which is sharing the same title as his upcoming show – “The Golden Age Of Grotesque”. Still using his sketch-like style, the