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“Warszawa Wschodnia (Eastern Warsaw)” by Sebas Velasco in Warsaw

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Growing up skateboarding I always enjoyed board graphics, Toy Machine adds and art section in Thrasher magazine. Around that time I started flirting with graffiti which eventually lead to appreciating street and urban art. Few years later I ended up with an Internet based job. Too much online time on my hands resulted in getting involved in art related forums, and finally writing for various art websites.
October 5, 2016
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Sebas Velasco recently spent some time in Poland painting a great piece in the Praga neighborhood of Warsaw. Titled “Warszawa Wschodnia (Eastern Warsaw)” this figurative mural is a typical example of his signature mix between portraiture and local, almost exclusively night time elements.

Working on an old crumbling building, Spanish artist created an impressive piece that blends his skilled painterly style with the aged building and it’s elements. From brickwall texture coming through brush strokes to bright color tones juxtaposing against weathered color of the building, the well composed mural have a striking appearance within its surrounding. The image is based on a portrait of a local guy who Sebas met during his stay and it’s addressing the globalization and westernization issues. With elements such as Polonez car or a logo of a local football club being very Polish, the overall feel of the image is actually global and can be placed anywhere in the Western world.

Check out some detail and work in progress photos by Maciej Kruger after the jump and stay tuned for more updates from around the globe.


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