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Pavlos Tsakonas x Manolis Anastasakos “He, Is Praying For Us” New Mural In Athens, Greece

October 4, 2011
1 min read
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This huge new 600m² mural by Pavlos TsakonasManolis Anastasakos and the Kretsis crew inspired by Albrecht Dürer – 1508 (praying hands) is called “He, is praying for us,”

The idea was to change the prey of a man into a prey of a god.
This mural is a great comment on the social, economical and political crisis taking place in Greece and Europe these days!

“In our confused country with all the social-economical-political issues, we can only turn for help to god. 
The disability of the politicians to solve problems,or to be fair, have create a <> system that destroys 
our values and of course art. 
This artwork is a sarcastic statement that god is the only solution left for us.” 

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