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“Fire Element” by Etnik in Greece

April 25, 2019
1 min read
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The design of the greek wall is inspired by the Platonic geometry. Plato associated each of the five Natural elements with a regular solid.

The Volos’ wall is the second of a cycle of 5 walls that will be painted in different countries and will represent the 5 Platonic solids. The second mural in series is devoted to the Fire element and is titled Φωτιά (Greek “fire”).

The shape in the centre of the composition represents the Tetrahedron wich is for Plato the geometrical simbol of FIRE.
“Plato’s tetrahedron is a regular tetrahedron and is one in which all four faces are equilateral triangles.

Etnik associates the Fire Element to Greece for its mediteranean atmosphere and its classical roots: the urban agglomeration tipical of his style and the natural element (fire) represent the contradictions of the urban spaces.

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