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“The Wood Breaker” by Dimitris Taxis in Greece

April 23, 2018
1 min read
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Dimitris Taxis just sent us some images from his latest mural which was recently completed on the streets of Volos, a coastal port city in Thessaly situated midway on the Greek mainland.

The mural is a study of the sculpture ‘The wood breaker’ which created by the Greek sculptor Dimitris Fillipotis(1829-1919). His sculpture is one of Athens’ most beloved artwork.

Additionaly to his personal study of the sculpture, the artist painted it four different times using four different angles to show figuratively to the viewers (in this case the students of the High School where the piece is located), that there are more than one point of view to approach a ‘problem/task’

More images are awaiting for you below and then keep checking back with us for the latest updates from the street art world.

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