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NUART Festival: A Visit In Stavanger, Norway

February 19, 2012
1 min read
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This week, SAN travelled to Norway to bring you a visit from one of the most celebrated street art festival in the world aka NUART.
Based on the West Coast, Stavanger, it has attracted some of the world’s finest artist over the past few years, from Swoon to Herakut, Roa, Blu, Herakut, Phlegm or David Choe, Nuart has definitely a very international flavor.
Nuart was established back in 2001 as a alternative festival to its big brother Numusic in Stavanger which is a small town of about 120,000 souls which used to be former fishing center.
It’s quite amazing to walk around Stavanger where you wouldn’t expect to come across so many magnificent artworks, it has grown into one of the largest collection of Street Art in the world, from tiny stencils and stickers to building sized murals
This is just a small glimpse of what Nuart has to offer and we can only recommend you to stop by Stavanger for an amazing street art tour or get the official NUART Book which documents the development of not only NUART, but also one of the most exciting art movements of our times.

More pictures after the jump…

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