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Street Art By INTI in Lodz, Poland

Early next month, the third edition of Galeria Urban Forms will be starting on the streets of Lodz, Poland. Over the course of six months, six street artists will be painting six large-murals for this excellent street art festival.
The line-up for the 2013’s edition is Inti (Chile), Roa (Belgium), 3Ttman (Spain), Tone (Poland), Proembrion (Poland) And Cekas (Poland).
In a few days, Belgian Street Art superstar ROA will be kicking off the event while INTI will be painting an impressive 11 stories high skyscraper.

Street Art By Aryz And Os Gemeos in Lodz, Poland

Founded in 2009, Urban Forms Gallery was started to create a permanent Street Art gallery in the city centre of Lodz.

This year’s program for Galeria Urban Forms will be more diverse with 3D Street Art, movies screening, street concerts and a laser light show by Krzysztof Syruc – Proembrion which will be held on 21st September at the Niebostan pub.

As of today, UF has 24 murals and by the end of September 2013, Lodz will proudly reach 30 large pieces so check back with us shortly for our full coverage.

Street Art By ETAM CRU in Lodz, Poland

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