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Artist Retrospective: Os Gemeos

September 6, 2021
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Os Gêmeos  is a Brazilian graffiti-artist duo notable for their large-format paintings of yellow figures. Blending influences of Brazilian folklore, hip-hop culture, political commentary, and personal history — many of their murals and paintings are centered on characters in a self-made fantasy world called “Tritez.”

Os Gemeos is a Portuguese word meaning the twins. The duo street artists are identical twin brothers, namely, Otavio Pandolfo and Gustavo Pandolfo hailing from Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Luggage Store Gallery In San Francisco, USA, 2013

Os Gemeos began their careers by being involved in spray-painting graffiti in 1987. Slowly but surely they began to gain large recognition in the underground urban scene. From then on, They have held numerous solo and group shows in museums and galleries in several countries such as Cuba, Chile, the United States of America, Italy, Spain, England, Germany, Lithuania, Japan, and more.

Check out below to view more of our compilation on Os Gemeos best works.

Vancouver, Canada, 2014

The Brazilian twins transformed a dark industrial area of Vancouver into an incredible open-air street art exhibition. Os Gemeos worked on six large silos in Granville Island using their distinctive, flamboyant and unique style filled with patterns and details. Otavio and Gustavo Pandolfo converted the 75-foot-tall cylinders into a massive art installation for the locals to enjoy. This piece is one of Os Gemeos’ largest works.

Næstved, Denmark, 2015

Boston, USA, 2012

This new colourful, defiant character, painted on a 70-by-70-foot wall looks like a Gulliver-sized street kid in a red hood.
Painted as part of their first solo museum show in the United States last 2012.

Os Gemeos x Mark Bode New Mural At The Warfield Theatre – San Francisco, USA, 2013

Stockholm, Sweden, 2017

“Efêmero” Os Gemeos in Milan, Italy, 2016

Artist Retrospective: Os Gemeos

“Bunker” at Museu Casa do Pontal, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, 2015

Banksy x Os Gemeos New Collaboration For “Better Out Than In” – West 24th Street, Chelsea, London, 2013

“Silence of the Music” Solo Show at NYC’s Lehmann Maupin, 2016

Artist Retrospective: Os Gemeos

For more stunning murals from the talented duo, check out our #OsGemeos page!

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