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Laser 3.14’s solo Amsterdam show sees the artist pursue the darker side of success, the sinister side of celebrity and the hedonism of human nature.
Central to the show is the artwork “Troublemakers Make The World Go Round”, a steel shield that acts as a point of dialogue between his works on wood, collage and printed matter that are also presented.

Hailing from Amsterdam, artist Laser 3.14 responds to the world with words which stir conversations from the layman to the lawyer. “I see no difference between the city and the work that I add to its walls. The only distinction is that my work is consciously accessible to the public while the poetry of the city is not visible to everyone.”
The show was organised by The Garage in collaboration with Bart Invites.

Situated on Prinsengracht, one of Amsterdam’s most beautiful canals, the show at Bart runs through Friday, April 25th and is open daily from 12.00­18.00 @ Bloemgracht 2, 1015 TH, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Photographs by Rene Mesman ( and Vincent Rang (

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