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Escif paints an interesting new mural in Madrid

February 2, 2015
1 min read
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In the mids of working on his upcoming new book, Escif recently painted this new interesting mural somewhere on the streets of Madrid.
Known for incorporating elements of life and culture from the surrounding he works in, Spanish artist decided to show whats inside of the building by painting it on the outside facade. As the main part of the mural he used a pattern of a vintage floral wall paper found in one of the apartments, which he enriched with portraits of the people living in the building. Unusual in it’s final outcome and approach, this mural was based on Hippocrates quote “we are what we eat”, or in this case, “the outside shows the inside”. 
See more photos of this original piece after the jump and come back soon to check more news from Spain and rest of the Europe.

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