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“The Rapture” by Franco Fasoli Jaz in Madrid

December 30, 2015
1 min read
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Our friend Franco Fasoli – Jaz recently came back to his hometown of Madrid to paint a final mural for 2015. Titled “The Rapture” this diptych mural includes his classic imagery of mythical half-human, half-animals figures fighting.

Taking a break from his current style inspired by the sharp collage works, the images depict majestic Minotaur carrying and grasping the muscly horse. Using minimal color palette consisting of dark brown and black, the pieces look like blown up chalk drawings on a blank white paper. With these works the artist is commenting on the aggressive and survival lifestyle of modern world while using an icon of Spanish culture that is the bull. In his own words “Painting murals was alway my best way to communicate with people, explore the B sides of the cities and become a little part of them. It’s like a sport, a social exercise, a gift.”

Check out more photos after the jump and come back soon for more updates from Spain and rest of Europe and the world.





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