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“Free Painting” by Escif in Panjim, India

May 9, 2017
4 min read
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Trying to get involved in the Indian Panjim community, Escif decided to get a job there. He bought some brushes and good paint… and started walking on the streets offering his skills as a professional painter. In order to promote himself and start getting good jobs he decided to offer his services for free.

He put his hands and his brushes. They put their wall and their ideas.

1. Ms. Shiwadatta.

First time he visited Ms. Shiwadatta, he was impressed that her shop was almost empty. She had just some sweets on pots and few old notebooks to sell. Ms. Shiwadatta lost his husband around 10 years before. he was the owner of this shop where he used to repair old damaged furniture. When Mr. Siwadatta died, Ms. Shivadatta get alone and very sad. She decided to keep her husband´s shop and wait for him till the death.

2. Keymakers family shop

Kiran works in a family business with his father, making keys. His grandfather worked on it and the father of his grandfather too. They own the biggest keys makers studio in all Panjim, although if they are in a small place. Kiran told him that they don´t need a bigger place to do their jobs.

3. Biggest Veghi-Talhi in Panjim

Veghi-Talhi is a typical vegetarian dish from south India. The owner of “Hotel Cafe Prasao” restaurant ask him to paint a big “Veghi Talhi” on their facade. He was proud of it.

4. Stamp vendor and Dental Clinic

Two women share space on a small local on the main road in Panjim. Naila sells stamps. Shaili is a Dental Doctor. Stamps sell is announced in a beautiful advertisement on the facade, but Dental Clinic indication is not so visible. They asked him to paint some teeth on the side of the wall to reach a bigger audience.

5. Wheel painted

The wall of this Panjim Garage was really damaged. The owner asked him to paint something. When he asked him about what to paint he told Escif to paint just wheel. Sounds a good idea for a garage. After finishing, he was surprised about his painting and he realised that his English was not so good, that he misunderstood him. What he asked Escif was to paint well.

6. Smaller Veghi-Talhi in town

Panjim is a small town. After a few days, a lot of people knew my new job and Escif received a lot of non paid commissions. Close to the first restaurant, there is another restaurant that also sells Veghi-Talhi. They were jealous of its neighbors. They asked Escif to paint same painting. They  just don´t have a big facade to do it, so he tried to do his best. The owner was happy to say that maybe they don´t offer bigger Veghi-Talhi in town, but they are proud to be honest with what they announce. The dish you can see on our facade is the same size as the one you can buy in.

7. The candelabrum shop

Fatima recently opened a candelabrum shop with his husband. They import beautiful candelabrums from Turkey and sell them on good prices to local people. There is not a similar shop in Panjim. Fatima was convinced that this will be a successfull business. Indian people love shiny things.

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