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The 10 Most Popular Street Art Pieces Of April 2015

May 3, 2015
2 min read

1. Felice Varini – Paris, France

May is upon us, and people across the world are looking for excuses to spend more time outside. We welcome back our monthly Street Art ranking for April 2015 with a brilliant and impressive anamorphic piece by Felice Varini in Paris, France which ranks #1 this month. Felice Varini is a Swiss artist who is world-famous with amazing illusions.Second place this month goes to Sainer and his monumental “Crossroads” mural which can be found on the streets of Lisbon in Portugal. The third place is occupied by another master of illusions with the German artist 1010 and one of his vortex which was created in the South of France.
April shows us a wide variety of styles, and several fantastic artists are appearing for the first time in our rankings – 1010, Farid Rueda and Ella & Pitr.Discover the rest of the ranking after the jump and make sure to let us know which were your favorite April pieces down in our comments section.

2. Sainer – Lisbon, Portugal
3. 1010 – Marseille, France
4. MTO – Gaeta, Italy
5. Farid Rueda – Playa Del Carmen, Mexico
6. Bordalo II – Estarreja, Portugal
7. Millo – Milan, Italy
8. Phlegm – Perth, Australia
9. Faith47 – Johannesburg – South Africa
10. Ella & Pitr – Saint Etienne, France
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